How to Paint a Plein Air Still Life

After a “serious” study of Vermeer’s painting, I wanted to get loose and simply have fun painting the brilliant colors from life.

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18″x14″, oil on linen panel, by Lucy Chen

So I set up my easel on the patio just outside my front door and painted the scene right there.  Nothing serious.  Not looking for a perfect picture.  Just pure fun!

I hope you’d enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed painting and making the video for you.

Want to Watch the Detailed Start-to-Finish Video?

This small 18″x14″ plein air still life painting is getting such lovely feedback on social, that I’ve decided to make a detailed fifteen to twenty minutes video as one of the bonus materials for my new e-course.

Would you like to see what colors I used, how to keep the colors fresh and paint an Impressionistic outdoor still life?  Enroll in my e-course now before the launch special closes, and you’ll get this video as a bonus.  Click here to check out the details.

A Personal Story That Will Inspire You


Here is me telling you a personal story, one that will inspire you to answer your life’s calling and dare to dream BIG!

I hope you’ll set away some time to watch it and don’t forget to leave me a comment on the video page.

Click here to watch the video.


The Difference Three Years Has Made to My Art

3 years

The Difference of Three Years

Let me ask you some questions.

Have you ever wanted to express yourself creatively and authentically on canvas, but don’t know how or where to begin?

Is there an artist in you that wants to come out but lack the skills to speak up or the confidence to ask […]

Your Two Top Questions about How to Paint Girl with a Pearl Earring


Hey, I’m very close to finishing my long-awaited Oil Painting E-course!

I have been working on this for months (or years if we count the time that get me to where I am now, ready to release my first e-course), but I am finally going to wrap it up. I will be releasing it […]

How Henri Matisse Has Influenced My Painting


This Henri Matisse book by Taschen is super good value! For twelve bucks, you get high quality prints of Matisse’ major works, and some good info to help you understand the artist’s life and art. In this short video book review, not only will you get peak into pages of the book, but you’ll also […]

Painting a Knit Toy


Handmade 16″x16″x1.5″, oil on linen, by Lucy Chen Original Available, $350, Purchase Info

I knitted Spud the sheep several years ago, and I thought I’d give it a go at painting one of my favorite knitted toys, too.

Here’s a speed painting video showing my process. Hope you like it.


Beautiful Blossoms are Just Around the Corner


Just Around the Corner Flowers 16″x16″.1.5″ (or 40cm*40cm), oil on linen canvas, by Lucy Chen Original Available, $385, Purchase Info

I hope you life is flowing fluidly and gracefully, my friend. But if you are experiencing some challenges, remember:

Beautiful blossoms are always just around the corner, you only need to look to see […]