My First Nude Painting, a Self Portrait

love triangle lucy chen self portrait 554x1024 My First Nude Painting, a Self Portrait

© Lucy Chen, 40″x22″, oil on linen
Artist’s Collection

I have much to say, and I think I say it best with imagery and paint.

So here is my almost-life-size self portrait, and it is my first attempt at a nude painting.

I quietly posted this on my Art Works page under the Self Portraits category two weeks ago, but it took me quite a while to decide if I should make this sort of “announcement” with a blog post.  Because I do worry that some people will get the wrong impression – the Internet is in no shortage of people posting selfies for the wrong reasons.

But this painting moves me, it comes from deep within, just like the red wire that grows from my core in the painting. I showed it to several closed friends, and they said it moved them, too, and that I should be proud of my work, and have no shame.

So here it is! Do you like it?

Would you like me to explain the symbolic meanings of my imagery?  What is your interpretation?

I also took many in-progress photos documenting my process and I noted the palette I used.  Would you be interested in another post or PDF with this information?

Let me know by leaving your comments below.  Thanks.

 My First Nude Painting, a Self Portrait

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