Can You Achieve Enlightenment through Drawing?

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Life drawing, charcoal on paper, by Lucy Chen

I’ve been going to a life drawing class every Friday since February, and I’m loving it!

My teacher is Paul Miller, an Archibald finalist.  He is a very passionate artist and he has a beautiful glowing soul!

He also talks about drawing, painting and art in a way that a kung fu master would about martial arts, or an enlightened monk would about the thousands of miles he’s walked.  But isn’t art like that anyway?

t1-2015-ink, ink drawing, ink, life drawing, nude, lucy chen

Life Drawing, ink on paper, by Lucy Chen

I strongly encourage everyone to do life drawing regularly.  It’s so good for working that observation muscle, and eye-hand coordination muscle.  It feels almost magical as you see how you can establish and develop a connection with the model, a total stranger, from the mere action of drawing him or her.

But I’m not going to sugar coat it.  Not all art classes are wonderful.  I had been to another life drawing class for several weeks last year, and it was boring and I learned nothing.  On top of that, the teacher was a jerk – I say it openly, and I can tell that to his face.

soft pastel, life drawing

Life Drawing, soft pastel on paper, by Lucy Chen

If you had been to some life drawing classes that you didn’t enjoy, please try another one.  When you find the right one, the teacher would be “right”, and the fellow students would be “right”, too.

Have you been to life drawing?  If so, what’s your experience?  Do you enjoy it?  If not, have I convinced you to try it?

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