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18″x14″, oil on panel, by Lucy Chen
Original SOLD
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My grandmother has rubbed shoulders with death many times in her youth – she had several punctures of both of her knee joints, as well three intestinal obstruction repair surgeries in her twenties.  That, in the 1950s China, did not come with small risks.  She almost died, or had wished she had.

It was miracle when her first granddaughter was born and came into her care, that her health had started to improve dramatically.  Before her granddaughter turned three and was returned to her parents’ care, my grandmother could eat more, sleep better, and was able to walk up and downstairs without assistance.  She is now eighty-seven.

Of course, I, am her first granddaughter.  And I am very proud that I have brought joy, health, vitality and positive energies to my grandmother.

As I am now a mother of two little children, I wish I would be their light as well – shine their path when they come across a dark valley, be a source of strength when they tumble or feeling weak, show them there is always hope when when they think all is lost, remind them of the beauty of our world when it disappoints them…

When I was pregnant with my second child, life called on me to become an artist .  It was then I discovered that I can summon light with magic wands, only my wands are paint brushes.

So it is my hope, that my art can shine our path when we walk into a dark valley, that my paintings may bring joy, strength and hope to our hearts when the life sometimes disappoints us, and remind us that our world is beautiful.

 What Does Art Do

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