The Beauty in Simple Things

three bowls 600 300x300 The Beauty in Simple Things

three smaller bowls 600 300x300 The Beauty in Simple Things

Three Bowls and Three Small Bowls Diptych, oil on panel, 12″x24″, by Lucy Chen
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It was my birthday yesterday (28 September), and we drove 3 hours north from Sydney to Port Stephens to watch dolphins and whales, to make sand art with the kids and to collect small rocks from the beach to take home. It was wonderful!

To reflect upon my journey of 32 years, I can see that I’ve always loved the simple things – simple arrangements, simple designs, and a simple way of thinking and living.

This is what I want to say in my Three Bowls and Three Small Bowls Diptychthe beauty in simple things, the bliss in a non-complicated way of living.

What makes you joyful? What makes you light up?

 The Beauty in Simple Things

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