How a Magical Coincidence Leads to a Floral Painting

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©Lucy Chen, 14″x10″, oil on panel

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My husband bought me a small pot of flowers from the supermarket when he went to get a few office supplies.  It was inexpensive, but it was also a priceless gift because I loved it.

You didn’t know this about me, but I am now a hobbyist gardener.  I’ve dreamed of having big beautiful gardens of my own since my early teens.  But I’ve never had the chance to grow anything, until now.

The little plant’s name tag was missing when my husband brought it home.  But in order to care for it properly, and I did not want to kill any plants in my care, I went to the supermarket to look it up.

It was called “kalanchoe”.  K-alan-choe.

My kids are Alan and Chloe.  My husband gave me a plant that is named after my kids!

What a magical coincidence!

 How a Magical Coincidence Leads to a Floral Painting

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