Are You Looking for Love?


20″x16″x1.5″, oil on gallery wrap canvas
Original AUD$550
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We have all looked for love in our lives. Maybe you’re still looking for love? Still looking for a lover who’ll accept and love you completely and deeply just as you are, who will cherish you like the most beautiful and precious blossoming flower in the world?

Who doesn’t long for such tender, sweet and almost divine feelings?

Then one freezing winter morning, a rose blossomed in my garden. It was the only rose flower radiating vibrantly in the cold. And I realized that we all have the capability to give ourselves the love that we so desire. If we cannot love ourselves deeply and fully, how can we expect others to love us so? How can we give others love of such divine quality?

Love yourself deeply and fully, and you too, will blossom, even in the most unlikely situations.



What Does Rabbit Animal Totem Mean?


GIRL WITH BLACK RABBIT 30″x20″, oil on gallery wrap canvas Original AUD$950 Click painting for detail and in situ images

Do you believe in animal totem?

Raised as an atheist, I didn’t believe in anything I couldn’t see and touch, and even then, you were encouraged and praised for being skeptical and doubtful.

But […]

Did God Create Evil?


Luke, 8.27″x11.69″, oil on canvas paper, by Lucy Chen, AUD$200

“Did God create evil?” My 6-year-old son asked me one night before bed, “God created everything, right? Then did he also create evil?”

Em… How could I answer such a BIG question?

Coincidentally, or by the hand of the Divine, I was pondering the […]

Don't Miss This Free Art Heals Online Event


Artist and art teacher Heidi Easley is hosting a FREE online event called Art Heals. During this event, she interviews over 20 artists from all over the world, and they shared their stories and artwork about the healing powers of art.

Some, like Heidi, used art to go from broke to achieving financial freedom. Some, […]

Reconnect with Your Faith through Art

faith through art

Born and educated in Communist China until I was 16 years of age, I had been raised as an atheist. You only believe what you see, that’s how you avoid being fooled. And a “belief” in anything other than the Communist party is a superstition.

It’s only after I started painting, that I started to […]

Want to Study with My Mentor?

By the Pool, by Melinda Cootsona

By the Pool, by Melinda Cootsona

Don’t you just love the above painting by my artist mentor and friend Melinda Cootsona? After years of requests from her in-person workshop students, she is finally launching her first online course!

I’ve had the privilege to be mentored by her both via the virtual online space, and […]

How to Paint a Mini Monet in Oil Pastel

mini monet

Woman with Parasol, 1875, by Claude Monet

Mini Monet in Oil Pastel, 9.7″x6.5″, by Lucy Chen, SOLD.

This mini Monet of Woman with Parasol was created with oil pastel on paper. I made it just for fun, and I recorded the process for you, too.

In the video, you’ll see that I […]