Did God Create Evil?

lukeevans, luke evans,

Luke, 8.27″x11.69″, oil on canvas paper, by Lucy Chen

Did God create evil?” My 6-year-old son asked me one night before bed, “God created everything, right?  Then did he also create evil?”

Em… How could I answer such a BIG question?

Coincidentally, or by the hand of the Divine, I was pondering the same questions that day, and found a video clip of Eckart Tolle answering this exact question.

The Sun and Photon Analogy

Eckart Tolle uses the analogy of the sun as God, and the photons (particles of light) as each individual life forms.  The photons come from the sun, and they are light themselves, and are part of light and the sun.  If in the process of becoming conscious, the individual photons begin to think itself as separate, it’ll start to defend itself, justify itself and etc., and that’s what leads to evil.  In short, it’s the illusion of separateness that leads to evil.

So I tried to answer my son with the sun/God, photons/men analogy.

After I finished, I asked him if he understood.  He rolled his eyes, and said, “What are you talking about?”

OK… so the sun and photon analogy was beyond a little toddler’s comprehension.  What could I say now?

The Mother, Children and Siblings Analogy

A ray of inspiration hit me, and I asked my toddler, “Did mama make both you and your little sister?”

He nodded and said “yes”.

Then I asked him, “Do you sometimes hit your little sister?”

He nodded and said “yes”.

Then I asked, “Is hitting your sister a bad thing?”

He nodded and said “yes”.

Then I asked, “Did mama make you hit your sister? Did I make you in the first place so that you could hit your sister?”

He said, “No.”

I said, “So it’s the same with God. He made everything.  But he didn’t make people do evil things, like hurting other people.  But people are free to choose what they do, and some people choose to do bad things sometimes.”

Realizing Oneness

I went on to ask him, “Why do you hit your sister then?”

He thought about it a bit, and said, “I don’t know. I get angry sometimes, when she does things I don’t like.”

“If you and your sister is one person, like you two suddenly combined into one person, would you hit her?”

“Would that be like hitting myself?”  He thought about it a bit, and said, “I don’t hit myself.”

How would our world be, if we can all awaken to feel our connection to each other, to all and to the Source, to realize that we are one?


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