Beautiful Blossoms are Just Around the Corner

just-around-the-corner-flowers-600, beautiful blossoms, lucy chen, lilies

Just Around the Corner Flowers
16″x16″.1.5″ (or 40cm*40cm), oil on linen canvas, by Lucy Chen
Original Available, $385, Purchase Info

I hope you life is flowing fluidly and gracefully, my friend.  But if you are experiencing some challenges, remember:

Beautiful blossoms are always just around the corner, you only need to look to see them.

Valentine’s Day is approaching, why not send your love flowers that will never wither, just like your love that will never fade away?  Choose your flowers here.

The Dark Side of Pop Art


During the holiday, my little girl and I went to see the Pop to Popism exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. It was the biggest pop art show in Australia, and the first time where Australian pop art is shown alongside their American and European peers.

What it attracted me to […]

Keeping Your Child's Childhood Memories Alive


A Girl’s Childhood, 24″x24″, oil on linen, by Lucy Chen

What will you keep for your children as they grow up?

What toys or mementos would they treasure as adults? What do they want to remember about their childhood?

My children are turning five and three this year, and we’ve already accumulated piles of […]

How to Learn New Things


CHLOE ON PLAYGROUND IN CHINA 14″x11″, oil on board, by Lucy Chen

1. Recognize you have something new to learn

Richard Schmid says in his book Alla Prima II that if you want the purest color possible, you need to use a palette knife TO DO WHAT? (I think mixing?). And I saw how […]

Merry Christmas


Have a very happy and safe holiday, my friend!

P.S. If you’d like to download a version of the above Christmas painting for your computer’s wall paper (it’s sized for desktops and laptops), simple put in your email below to have it delivered to your inbox. It’s a small gift from me, to thank […]

Painting of Ventura Wharf


November Morning in Ventura 6″x6″, oil on board, by Lucy Chen Artist Collection

November 2014 marked my first ever visit to the United States. Not just any where in the US, but the sunshine state of California.

The color of this boat in the Ventura wharf called for a painting. So I painted it […]

The Beauty in Simple Things


Three Bowls and Three Small Bowls Diptych, oil on panel, 12″x24″, by Lucy Chen

It was my birthday yesterday (28 September), and we drove 3 hours north from Sydney to Port Stephens to watch dolphins and whales, to make sand art with the kids and to collect small rocks from the […]