Good Hair Day

Original Oil Painting by Lucy Chen


Oil Painting on Board

Size: 12″x10″

This artwork is sold unframed

Signed on the front

Artist’s description:

It’s the rain, the humidity, the hangover, the cold, or whatever, they can all make our hair go a bit crazy.  This “abstract” style portrait is created to celebrate our “good hair” days!  Always remember to love yourself!

This small painting on board can be framed, or displayed on tables by using a small table-top easel or simply leaning against any support.

For Australian Buyer


For International Buyer


Shipping to Australia: AUD$15.00
Other Destinations: AUD$30.00

Artworks are dispatched within 3 working days from Australia.

Returns and Refunds:

Please do not ship paintings back without first notifying the artist so the correct shipping address can be provided. Original paintings that are returned in perfect condition within 10 calendar days of receipt if inside Australian orders, or 20 days for International orders, will be refunded, minus shipping costs, as well as a AUD$50 restocking fee. This does not apply to commissioned paintings. Paintings that are scratched, scored, dented, stained, that have broken or dented corners, tears, odd smells, and any other imperfection will not be refunded.