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Hi, I’m Lucy Chen, an artist and a mother.

Artist Statement

Every one of us is on a journey. This journey of life may be difficult at times. We may be troubled or feel vulnerable, but we move forward to find joy and delight. I paint to record life stories and to express genuine, shared emotions.

Symbols tell stories; they may be my story or my subject’s story. When you look at the painting, the story is also yours.  What symbols do you see and what do they mean to you personally?  Do they remind you of your own life experience or memory?  How do you feel?  Maybe a fraction of your own story is in the painting.

Colour stimulates our senses and this is why I begin my paintings by choosing a colour palette.  Though on some occasions, the painting takes a turn and wants to tell a different story.  When this happens, I obey the muse.

I believe art tells stories and expresses feelings.  Through my art, I am asking where you are on your inner journey, and reminding you of your stories and memories.  It is my hope that my paintings engage you on a personal level, and serve as a bridge connecting not only you and me, but also you and everyone who experiences the paintings.



Lucy Chen’s expressive and colorful portrait paintings often astonish her colleagues from her former life in finance.  She enrolled in her first art workshop on her 29th birthday in 2011, and she’s grown rapidly on her artistic path.  Ms. Chen demonstrates how, when one discovers one’s true calling, the momentum of purpose propels one forward whole-hearted and whole-spiritually.

Born in Southern China, Lucy immigrated to Sydney, Australia at the age of 16.  With family located on two continents, her upbringing required navigating between two lands and two cultures, both literally and psychologically.  She has found it difficult to fit in to either the Australian or the Chinese convention.  Her search for identity and belonging continues as she raises two small children.

The shared human experiences of struggle for identity, conflicts of cultures and values, and the search for meaning are the themes she naturally explores in her Portraits.

Her portrait paintings now hang in private collections in both the US and Australia.  And she lives in the leafy suburb of Turramurra of Sydney, Australia with her entrepreneurial husband and two kids.


Compliments and Testimonials


 Heres What Im All About“I love the artwork of Lucy Chen… if you’re the kind of person who likes seeing a baby painted into a Spider-Man costume? Then Lucy’s your artist.  She’s got plenty of style and color and energy for a specific kind of buyer, her kind of freak.”

— Chris Brogan, New York Times Best-Selling Author


natalie Heres What Im All About“Lucy Chen has incredible talent for painting.  Lucy feels color in a very sensible way.  I admire Lucy for her burning desire to be a great figurative artist.”

— Natalie Richy, Fine Artist and Web Art Academy Founder



cynthia Heres What Im All About“The beautiful Natalie and Her White Bird has arrived!  More gorgeous than I had imagined.  Lucy Chen, what a great artist.  Thank you!”

— Cynthia, Illinois USA



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