Original Oil Painting by Lucy Chen


Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Size: 28″x13″x0.8″

This artwork is sold framed. Signed on the front

Artist’s description:

I painted “Rebirth” after finalizing my divorce.

When people hear that I’ve been divorced, their first response was to say “sorry”, and that “it must be hard”, and ask me “are you ok”.

But making the decision to walk away from a prison built on my ego’s fear was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. And I had never felt more free and more alive since my separation.

Sometimes the best decision you make in life are the hardest. What about the finance, what about the kids, what would people think, would they think me a failure? The list goes on and on.

The question to ask is, are you making the decision from a place of fear or love?

Love wins. It always does.

Life itself is constantly going through the cycles of birth and death. Our body itself is continuously being renewed by the deaths and regeneration of our cells.

Isn’t that a representation of our life?

Seasons come and go.

It is often clinging onto the old and refusing to let go that causes us pain, because we try to go against nature’s rhythm.

Let go of old patterns, habits, relationships and people that no longer serve you. Give yourself the permission and space to renew. To be reborn. Allow your core, the authentic, the raw, the powerful, to come out, to live. You only get to live this life once after all.
The painting continues to the sides, and is ready to hang with D-ring and wire installed.

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