How to Have a More Graceful Holiday


The holidays are a time for joy and gratitude. But why does it sometimes feel hard to celebrate?

So many obligations. Over spending. Over eating. Over drinking. Over partying. And probably worst of all, family drama.

Before you even realize what’s going on, your buttons are pushed, conversation gets heated, and you end up […]

Top 7 Places to Practice Sketching


If we only look around, there are plenty of places for us to practice sketching. Let me suggest a few top choices of mine.

1. Cafés

Sketch of a get-together in the Black Mocha Café Turramurra Ink pen on paper

This is on top of the list, because there are always plenty of models […]

Through Tears of Joy, I See Myself as I am


Here’s a story about a couple expecting their first child, which Simon Sinek shared on the School of Greatness podcast:

The husband was sitting in the couch when the wife called out from the nursery, “Honey, come and see if you like this wallpaper I chose for the nursery.”

He […]

The Shortcut to Make the Best Ever Christmas Gift in Record Time


Alan 8, ©2013, oil on linen, 12″x12″, by Lucy ChenNot for Sale. Click the image for info about art commission.

Are you buying gifts for Christmas?

You may be organized enough to use a gift planner for this holiday season; or your best plan is just to wing it when you get to the […]

How to Cleanse Yourself of Negative Energy in 5 Minutes (with a video)


Sometimes, you can’t help but feel tired after a full day’s work.

Sometimes, you encounter negative people.

Sometimes, your most beloved ones cause you a little (or a lot of) stress.

So, how can you cleanse negative energy in just 5 minutes?

Surely, it is not enough time to rearrange your home for better Feng […]

7 Ways to Live a Creative Life


©2013, by Lucy ChenClick the collage to see larger images of individual paintings.

I have painted 16 portrait paintings of my two children for the September 30/30 Challenge hosted by Leslie Saeta. Apart from creating a collection of family treasure, I have learned some very important lessons on living a creative life.

Here are […]

What Children Think About Getting Old? Don't Let Life Buzz You By

portrait of alan

ALAN 5 ©2013, 11.8″x11.8″x0.8″, oil on linen, by Lucy Chen

Do you know what children think about getting old?

Do you remember what you used to think about getting old when you were a child?

This is what I was reflecting on when painting this Portrait of Alan and Bees.

“I don’t want to […]