Want to Study with My Mentor?

By the Pool, by Melinda Cootsona

By the Pool, by Melinda Cootsona

Don’t you just love the above painting by my artist mentor and friend Melinda Cootsona? After years of requests from her in-person workshop students, she is finally launching her first online course!

I’ve had the privilege to be mentored by her both via the virtual online space, and […]

About Control and Looseness in Painting

john singer sargent study charcoal drawing - lucy chen

My Charcoal Drawing of a portrait by John Singer Sargent.Life drawing is the best way to learn to draw, so is studying a master.© Lucy Chen

Some aspiring artists say that they want to be more “loose” with their paintings. I see this way too often in various Facebook groups.

To be honest, I’ve […]