Compliments and Testimonial


cbheadshot-300x300  “I love the artwork of Lucy Chen… if you’re the kind of person who likes seeing a baby painted into a Spider-Man costume? Then Lucy’s your artist.  She’s got plenty of style and color and energy for a specific kind of buyer, her kind of freak.”

— Chris Brogan, New York Times Best-Selling Author,, Owner Magazine

natalie  “Lucy Chen is one of the best Web Art Academy students.  She has incredible talent for painting.  Lucy feels color in a very sensible way.  I admire Lucy for her burning desire to be a great figurative artist.”

— Natalie Richy, Fine Artist and Web Art Academy Founder

cynthia “The beautiful Natalie and Her White Bird has arrived!  More gorgeous than I had imagined.  Lucy Chen, what a great artist.  Thank you!”

— Cynthia, Illinois USA

tim  “Lucy, I just want to say what a joy it is to have you as a friend and a fellow artist.  I love your work as it is a wonderful expression of your life and personality! I see that rare artistic verve so many lack these days, as your work is you. Thank you again.”

— Timothy Jon Terry, Fine Artist and Fine Art Teacher

  “Since receiving Lucy Chen’s beautiful painting Resolution, we have spent much time enjoying it and talking about it.  Everyone who sees it finds something about it that I hadn’t noticed before, and interprets it a little differently.  I think that must be the ultimate goal of every creative person; to inspire people to not only enjoy the beauty of their work, but to think about it, discuss it and find meaning in it.”

— Julie, Florida USA

  “Lucy is a very talented young artist with a wealth of personal experience that is beautifully expressed in her paintings.  Her choice of subject matter and selection of color is instantly appealing.  The honesty that she brings to her art is powerful and touches the viewer deep within, creating a strong emotional bond between the painting and the view.”

— Catherine, Sydney Australia

  It’s often said that ‘every great painter, paints what they are’.  Thank you Lucy Chen for making life just that little bit more beautiful.  Your ‘Home’ brings a smile to every person that visits our home.  I really believe that every brush stroke whispers your name and that this unique acrylic and collage powerfully represents everything that you are.  Passionate, creative, pensive and strong.  You have a true gift.  I believe we are all born for greatness – some just get there sooner than others.”

— Daniel, Sydney Australia



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