Want to Study with My Mentor?

By the Pool, by Melinda Cootsona

By the Pool, by Melinda Cootsona

Don’t you just love the above painting by my artist mentor and friend Melinda Cootsona?  After years of requests from her in-person workshop students, she is finally launching her first online course!

I’ve had the privilege to be mentored by her both via the virtual online space, and in-person in her studio.  Not only does Melinda has a vast knowledge of the arts and experience as an artist, she is also a very encouraging, loving and compassionate teacher.

In her new e-course called “Own Your Colors“, you’ll learn the basic principles of color theory not by making boring charts and reading about theories, but by doing fun stimulating painting projects.

I strongly recommend that you check out her e-course, and enroll early to qualify for the early bird discount.  I’ll see you in class!

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