What Are Students Creating and Saying about the Course?

Do you know that art can heal? Especially the creative process?

Yes! This is what Paint Your Heart and Soul, our collaborative online art course, is all about.

My lesson with a theme of “letting go” was released in the last week of January. Here’s what Sarah says about the lesson,

“Lucy, I just want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I have gotten so many likes and comments on this painting from your lesson. More than I ever had on any other things I’ve posted on Facebook. Thank you, for your guidance, encouragement and your kindness. I definitely let go of some things in this piece and feel like I was able to reflect what was in my heart. That could NOT have been done without you. Again, thank you.”

Now, more beautiful artworks created from the lesson for you. Feeling inspired? You can still join us here now.

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