Where Do You Place Your Faith?

FAIRY OF FAITH 12"x12", oil and gold leaf on canvas

12″x12″, oil and gold leaf on canvas

“Why would you place your faith in such things as fairies?” A friend asked me after she sees my new painting titled “Fairy of Faith“.

“Fairies are said to be demons by wizards and such.” She then directed me to some other resource where I could find “truth” about where we came from and where we were going.

It reminds me of another conversation I had with a devoted Christian not long ago. She believed that Jesus was going to return in the physical form and literally stood in the cloud with hundreds of angels.

While that was totally great and beautiful, what I find frightening was that she believed it was the only way that Jesus was coming back, and that there was no other way.

And when I mentioned that I was interested in learning more about spiritual healing at Damanhur, she startled me by warning me that those were bad spirits.

It’s great to see people awaking to seek truth. But isn’t it sad if we become obsessed by one particular point of view, and close our hearts, and start creating separation rather than unity?

We are still in the process of evolving towards unity from separation by races and gender. Do we want to create more separation by different spiritual beliefs?

As for my personal belief?

I’m open to many different explanations, and I’m attached to none. Jesus, Lao Tzu. Eckart Tolle, Abraham Hicks, Rob Bell. Christian, Taoism, Buddhism. I find the core of their teachings to be the same anyway.

Fairies may exist, they may not (I’m a huge fan of Brian Froud and his fairy art! OM!). Angels may exist, they may not. Or they exist in different forms than that we understand.

So what?

In literature or art form, people use fairies and angels as an expression of their perspective on life.

For me, this baby in my painting looks vulnerably exposed, yet she sleeps soundly, knowing all is taken care of and she’s protected and nurtured.

That is faith. That’s what gives her the golden wings, and made her “The Fairy of Faith”.

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