Why I Love Audrey Hepburn


8″x8″, oil on wood
original available $200
click image for more images and to purchase

Name a beautiful woman who is not only a pretty face, but is also compassionate and brave, loving and has incredible inner strength. Who comes to mind?

Audrey Hepburn was surely one of these women.

I remember reading somewhere that Audrey faced the Nazi soldiers head on when delivering messages and packages for the Dutch resistance. How much courage, love and intelligence that required!

Painting Technique

This small portrait of Audrey was painted with only four colors: Paynes Gray, Cadmium Red Light, Gold Ochre, and Titanium White. It’s the very well-known Anders Zorn palette. It’s amazing what these four colors can do, especially in portraiture. I’m going to explore this a lot more, and make a few color charts to really get to know the palette. And I’ll keep you posted.


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